Protection of
Confidential Info

Not all the information was intended to be displayed publicly, so I set up an access system for people to sign up and, once approved, are able to download any sensitive documents.

Media Sales


Creating Custom Site Functions

A custom filtering option was created for clients to filter through the properties by territories and/or sport.  This makes the process of finding the right property more efficient for both the client and the sales staff.  Filtered results also have specific URLs, allowing sales staff to send clients an already filtered set of properties.

Digitizing Infront's Media Rights Portfolio

By creating a digital platform for this portfolio, Infront can allow potential clients to browse all of our properties in their own time, on a platform that is accessible on all devices, and where they can filter through relevant properties.  

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About The Project

Infront Media Sales Platform

The client wanted to develop a new way to present their sales properties to potential clients in an accesible, presentable, and modern way.  Previously, the 'factsheets' were the main promotional material for the different properties.  These were PDF documents that contained the key facts for each property being sold.  After consulting the relevant stakeholders and identifying the work flow of the sales staff, I developed a platform were clients can browse through Infront's available properties, filter through them to find the ones relevant for their needs, and download key documents regarding each one.  By adding custom site functionalities, we were able to find a solution that would streamline the work of the sales staff while upgrading the presence of the company's portfolio.

Additional Features

Fully Responsive

The site is fully responsive for mobile, allowing sales staff to access the platform anywhere and send filtered links to clients at their convenience.  

Limitless Content

By making the platform the main piece of promotional material, there are no longer limits of space and media types.  Property pages can include all sorts of information, media content, and imagery needed.

Mantainable Back End

An efficient back end was set up for various staff to be able to modify content, update downloable documents, and approve incoming sign-up requests.

Newly designed factsheets

The actual factsheets are still in use, but have moved from being a promotional asset to a purely informational piece.  A new and clean design was created to streamline the updating process of information. 

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